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Most commercial property owners only consider initial carpet costs and regular maintenance costs. While carpet retailers legitimately boast of the "useful life span" or "life cycle" of quality commercial grade carpet, they are likely omitting an exciting alternative to ripping out perfectly good carpet because it appears old or ugly, and then needlessly buying new carpet. We want to tell you about it. We have compiled a comprehensive online library to show you what you are missing in REAL dollars and SENSE!

Top quality commercial grade carpet made of Nylon (or wool) will, without question, last 20, 30 or even 40 years. However, after just a few years, the carpet begins to look old, faded, lifeless, stained and even worn. Carpet doesn't really "wear out", which is very obvious if you ever examine your "worn looking" carpet. It really only "uglies-out". Yes, the fibers may be "matted down", especially in the high traffic areas. But, unless the area is "thread-bare" it is NOT worn out!. 

Have you ever noticed that even after a good professional cleaning, traffic lanes are still unsightly and very noticeable? If not right away, very shartly after the cleaning? Do stains come back? Has your carpet cleaner told you that some stains are "set" and cannot be removed? Is the color of the carpet faded and uneven? Do you cringe every time you walk past the front entrance of your offices and wish you had a different floor covering? 

Don't be too hard on yourself or your past decision to buy a particular carpet. Most commercial property owners and managers, even of the most sophisticated variety, have no clue that there is an alternative to costly carpet replacement. They simply don't know that they don't have to live with ugly carpet. Or they have experienced the carpet cleaners' attempt at dyeing with failure or at best marginal improvement. Property owners are just uninformed or have been misinformed by carpet retailers and carpet cleaners that carpet dyeing doesn't work. The fact is that people are not aware of expert 100%, fulltime, onsite carpet dyers. 

The carpet isn't the problem, including the quality or age of the carpet. Nor is anyone else to blame. The carpet retailer probably sold you the best carpet functionality-wise that you could buy. And your carpet cleaner is telling the truth too. At least as far as stating "he" can't remove certain stains and traffic lanes or "fix" the other faded or discolored areas. 

But - the truth is that all carpet discolorations can be corrected and the carpet can be made to look new, stay looking new and be restored to its original color and beauty with an exclusive on-site colorizing process now available to commercial property owners. 

First, the problem is that you, your carpet retailer and carpet cleaners are likely unfamiliar with or knowledgeable about current carpet coloring alternatives. Only a very few carpet cleaners who have attempted to enter this field will tell you that either, it doesn't work, or it can't be done with any meassure of success and that they won't guarantee the results. Again, they are telling the truth - for them - NOT FOR US! 

We are NOT carpet cleaners. We do NOT sell carpet.

But we do have the answers and solutions to all of your carpet questions because we are CARPET DYEING EXPERTS. Although we are academically proficient in the fields of carpet cleaning and carpet manufacturing and total carpet care - our ONLY business is DYEING! We have been carpet dyeing, design dyeing and color restoration of carpets and textiles for more than 20 years. More importantly, we provide our services on site, in a convenient, cost effective, expedient one-step process that increases the value of your existing investment in your soft floor coverings - your carpet.

Skeptical? That's okay. Everyone is until they see a demonstration. Seeing is believing. It really works. And, we're DYEING to prove it! 

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