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Color Your Carpet® can improve all carpet appearance and life expectancy. We can extend, restore, rejuvenate and preserve the color, life, beauty and appearance of your existing carpet for a fraction of the cost of a new carpet. 

We can restore and match the existing color evenly or we can give it a brand new color or even a brand new look by adding designs and borders. We can correct color loss in solid, patterned, or multicolor carpets and rugs. Even if the existing carpet is in excellent shape but the color is out-dated, ugly, mix-matched to your other decor or just plain annoying. We can change all that. 

We have performed our services for thousands of commercial and residential properties worldwide every year, always with outstanding results. Not one liability, not one less than extraordinarily satisfied customer, ever, in 20+ years. We are currently operating in 200+ markets worldwide throughout the USA and in 8 countries globally with 48 more domestic locations and 16 more international markets scheduled to be operating by 2018.

Fact 1.    Yes, we dye commercial carpet and yes - on site. Almost all commercial carpet is made of high grade nylon or wool or a combination of the two. All of this carpet is re-dyeable by our process. Also, many other synthetic carpets can be dyed by our exclusive process, and no one else can do that! The results are always incredible if performed by our on-site, carpet dyeing expert. (NOECST)

Fact 2.    Yes, every carpet color can be matched perfectly, since we have more than 16 million custom colors from which to select. Or, we can create a brand new color for your property or add borders and designs too.  (NOECST)

Fact 3.    Yes, we can change color families. No one else can do that! And, we don't have to "dye dark". We can restore the original color, or slightly tint the original color, or change the color family without dyeing the carpet "dark", or we can change the color dramatically for new corporate color schemes or to change the "energy" or "attitude" of the entire property or in just a room or two.  (NOECST)

Fact 4.    Yes, all of our dyes are safe, non-toxic and are odorless and eco-friendly. For more than 20 years now, we have a flawless record for safety, environmentally correct and professionally performed dyeing and color restoration services. No one else can say that.  (NOECST)

Fact 5.    Yes, we guarantee our services. Color Your Carpet®. is the only company in the world that can perform expert, on-site carpet dyeing and color restoration services with amazing results every time and we guarantee our  work in writing.  (NOECST)

Fact 6.    Yes, we provide color correction for small areas, we do not have to dye your entire property. Sometimes all that's needed is spot dyeing or stubborn stain removal. Especially on new carpet, this is the perfect solution for keeping a property "perfect" in appearance and in a very expediant and cost effective mode. We offer a program that provides you with regular inspections at scheduled intervals as well as emergency color corrections on call to ensure that your property always exhibits the indoor curb appeal that best reflects your company's desired image to clients and visitors.  (NOECST)

Fact 6.    Yes, we provide a complete carpet evaluation and a written service proposal to you at no cost and without obligation. Of course we also provide referrals to you, so that you may contact or even visit and personally inspect the amazing results of our services with some of our clients before you make a decision. We will also make a formal presentation to you or your designated staff member upon request. We will also perform a demonstration on your property to eliminate any skepticism about our services if at that point you still have any.  (NOECST)

Fact 7.    Yes, it's true that you can walk on the carpet immediately after we have dyed the carpet. Our proprietary dyes are equal or superior to mill dyes and are colorfast in under 60 seconds! The carpet will still be slightly damp, but less than when carpet is cleaned. The  dyes are colorfast and permanent immediately and will not walk off or track off. Carpets can then be commercially cleaned on the regular schedule without fear of color loss. However, most properties report that after we have re-dyed a carpet, that they have actually reduced the annual number or frequency of regular carpet cleanings needed.  (NOECST)

Fact 8.    Yes, we dye and clean in ONE-STEP with our unique system. You do not have to have your carpets cleaned before we arrive unless your property is a large cafeteria or high traffic restaurant. In that case we ask that you allow us to select and monitor the cleaning process so that the high detergent residues are properly removed before we begin. In all cases we will educate you and your staff as to the best methods of cleaning carpet and how to treat accidental stains so that they won't become "set" stains.  (NOECST)

Fact 9.    Yes, there are jobs we can't or won't do. About 90% of all carpets are dyeable by our process and 10% of all carpets depending on the market, cannot be re-dyed. If you have been duped into buying carpet made of polyester or polypropylene (Olefin) for your property, you might as well prepare for new carpet purchasing as soon as possible. Only this time, educate yourself properly about the advantages and disadvantages of carpet fiber content and the related characteristics. Do not rely on the carpet salesperson to know or to tell you this critical information without your personal education and full understanding of the properties of carpet fibers.  (NOECST)

Fact 10.    Yes, property owners only buy polyester or polypropylene ONCE, whether commercial or residential!  This includes the popular (due to all the misleading advertising hype) and soon to be infamous "berber" made of Olefin. "P.E.T. Polyester" is made of recycled plastics. Fortunately no reputable commercial carpet retailer would try to sell any of these types of poor  performing floor coverings to anyone. Unfortunately, many residential carpet retailers do.  (NOECST)

Fact 11.    Yes, carpet dyeing services are far less expensive, short term and long term, than buying new carpet. In most cases we can save the commercial carpet owner more than 60% (and up to 85%) when compared to replacement costs. And, we can dramatically reduce or eliminate most of the traditionally accepted cleaning and maintenance costs associated with commercial carpet care.  (NOECST)

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