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Chances are that one of the greatest investments you've made on your property is the floor covering. Although quality commercial carpet is sold with the representation that the "useful life expectancy" is 20 to 40 years, the actual statistics on carpet replacement is about 6 years to a maximum in rare cases of about 9 years. The reality is that even at the 9 year statistic, the carpet becomes unattractive and "old" looking at about year 3 to 5. 

Owners will, in an attempt to improve the appearance, increase the frequency of carpet cleanings. In fact, part of the existing problem can be attributed to the cleaning program that the property has implemented. All efforts in the commercial property world to ascertain the best method, cost and frequency of carpet cleaning has produced no reliable scientifically based results. 

Although the carpet manufacturers and the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) and all of the largest carpet cleaning associations, almost unanimously endorse "hot water extraction" as the best method for cleaning carpet, there exists no standard beyond the fact that "hot water" type cleaning is best. No exact guidance as far as chemicals, "wetness", residue removal tests, pH testing, type of equipment, MSDS requirements, surfactant composition, effluent testing, bio-hazard disclosure and many other criteria are ever available in any meaningful form. 

More importantly, although some of the aforementioned organizations purport to bestow "certifications" on individuals who complete certain training programs,  we challenge you to confront any of the actual workers on a carpet cleaning job with an impromptu mini-test of just the few items we've mentioned. Although the carpet cleaning company owner may have his "certification", far too often his workers do not. And, worse yet, seldom can the carpet cleaning company owner himself personally answer the elementary cleaning questions we've just posed. 

Believe it or not, carpet cleaning isn't rocket science. Most of it is fundamental cleaning chemistry that doesn't reach beyond an eighth grade educational level. Albeit, an eighth grader that studies of course. For the very rare carpet cleaner who really does know, academically and in practice, how to clean commercial carpet, we applaud you. And please let us know who you are. We'll be glad to refer clients to you.

In all fairness, carpet cleaners are doing the best they know how, and because property owners and managers don't know and never question credentials or knowledge of the carpet cleaner or his staff, the standards for real life carpet cleaning will continue to erode and carpets will continue to be cleaned improperly. More carpet cleaning, even of the higher priced variety, never solves the problem because the problem isn't dirt.

The problem is color or actually discoloration. Loss of color, faded color, color that shouldn't be there, color that should be there, "clean" stains, old color, wrong color, anyway you put it the problem is color, period. So why do so many property owners fail to recognize this? 

Until you - the property owner or manager - resign yourself to acquiring accurate, timely and current knowledge of carpet construction, carpet functionality, carpet cleaning and carpet care, you will continue to clean your carpet too much or too little or incorrectly altogether. But as we have said the real problem with getting the most out of your carpet dollar isn't a carpet cleaning problem. The problem is the carpet industry lack of sharing knowledge or the absence of it.

Frustratingly, after a few years of ugly carpet at some point you decide to buy new carpet. You are forced to produce money for new carpet. You may accept the fact that carpet replacement is necessary for "image" reasons but cannot justify the unexpected and unplanned replacement cost. Thus you bitterly resign and resort to "living with it" and are convinced that it doesn't matter or that it is less important than pulling funds from other more needed and planned expenditures. New carpet simply isn't in the budget. Right?

Right! But there IS a better solution - Color Your Carpet® expert carpet dyeing and color restoration services. Call Color Your Carpet® today for a "smart carpet" alternative to buying new carpet and getting the most out of your carpet investment.

©1988-2016 [ Copyright Statement ]

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