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Commercial Carpet Color Care Planning

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Reluctantly, after a few years of ugly carpet at some point you may decide to buy new carpet. You may have accepted the fact that carpet replacement is necessary for "image" reasons but cannot justify the unexpected and unplanned replacement cost. Thus you may bitterly resign and resort to "living with it". Or, maybe,  if you are convinced that wasting money doesn't matter or that it is okay to pull funds from other more necessary and planned business expenditures, than to go ahead and buy new carpet. 

But, if new carpet simply isn't in the budget, and you really want your property to get the value from the carpet in which you have already invested quite a bit, then we have the solution:

COLOR CARE PLANNING  by Color Your Carpet®.

Here's how: First, educate yourself on this website as to what you don't know about carpet. The chances are that if you have a commercial property, you have a Nylon or Wool carpet. For the most part, we will be discussing Nylon carpet here, since commercial wool carpet accounts for less than 1% of all carpeted floor space. And if you have a wool carpet, you know it. However, we are developing a special section dedicated to commercial grade wall-to-wall wool carpet and wool area rugs. But for now let's talk about commercial grade Nylon carpet.

Lesson 1.     Nylon carpet simply doesn't wear out - you have to subject it to "sharp dirt", like sand, which actually "cuts" the fibers to get any real fiber loss on Nylon carpet. But, all carpet, even Nylon, will appear "worn" and ugly after as few as 3 years, but typically at about 6 years.

Some property owners who are not subjected to actual client traffic may opt to live with ugly carpet and unsightly appearance for 5 to 8 years past the "ugly" point. And unfortunately they beef up carpet maintenance (cleaning) frequency and costs. But if the property is "ambiance" dependant for competitive or customer perception reasons, they find themselves juggling budgets to buy new carpet as the only alternative.

Often, this leads to the purchase of "cheaper" (and much lower quality carpet). Therefore the lesser quality carpet is justified, since by their reasoning, the carpet will not last as expected no matter what quality carpet they buy. This creates a growing number of property owners who are convinced that quality carpet is not a viable floor covering consideration.

Lesson 2.     It doesn't take a genius to figure out that there is a larger profit margin in a higher priced, quality carpet than there is in a substitute cheaper carpet. In a $360K quality carpet purchase of 10,000 square yards, there may be a 25% net profit margin ($90K) for the retailer. But in a purchase of the same amount of square yards of cheap quality, say $180K, there may only be a 10% profit margin ($18K). The retailer would have to sell 5 times the amount cheaper carpet to make the same amount of profit.

You are very naive if you think that $36/sq yd carpet is only going to last twice as long as $18/sq yd carpet. So, you can see why if you have a Class A property, you should NEVER buy cheap carpet and, why the carpet retailer doesn't benefit as much if you do.

However, in a Class C property, it may make sense to buy $18/sq yd carpet, but the same rule applies on a ratio basis then with $9/sq yd carpet. The only difference is, the cheaper the carpet, the quicker it will become "uglier". But, properly cared for, even the cheap carpet if made of nylon or wool will last 20 to 30 years. 

Lesson 3.     It still amazes me that commercial grade carpet with a 20 year warranty is replaced 80% of the time in the 5th to 7th year. And almost all the rest of the time it is replaced in the 8th to 12th year. Moreover, " 70% of the time the carpet is replaced due to reasons other than wear" according to the Carpet and Rug Institute. By our records, 90% of the time we could have made and kept that carpet looking new and attractive with our Carpet Color Services for at least the warranty period.

Lesson 4.    Another thing, with all the advances in science and technology, how is it that the "new and improved" doesn't perform or last as good as the "old and original"? I know carpet is one of the few goods that hasn't risen proportionately with inflation through the last 20 to 30 years or so. In fact, I think the increase in retail carpet prices has only been about 80% compared to most products which have risen 500% to 800% during the same time-frame.

So why is it that property owners get far less value and longevity in carpet life as time passes? Because they don't know the facts and they "settle" for outdated information. Well, current, timely and accurate details are now available from Color Your Carpet®.

No more excuses - No more premature buying - No more misinformation!

Remember: top quality commercial grade carpet (nylon or wool ONLY) is still the best choice for floor covering overall. It has far more advantages than any hard surface covering or any kind of other synthetic carpet for that matter like polyester or Olefin. Quality commercial grade carpet made of Nylon or Wool, is the best looking, best "feeling", best lasting and best value for your property.

More importantly, now there's an even better reason to invest in this type of carpet:

You can actually get the "useful life" and beauty of the carpet that you expected when you bought it by inviting Color Your Carpet® to be an integral part of your carpet budget planning team. You may even be able to entirely eliminate the cost of replacing your existing carpet this year and for years to come by implementing our Carpet Color Planning program on your property.

Call Color Your Carpet® today for an on-site inspection and demonstration of our expert carpet dyeing and color restoration services. Our comprehensive analysis of your existing carpet may reveal the "useful life", beauty and color of your existing carpet can be restored and extended by 2, 3, or 4 times more than you thought possible. We're dyeing to serve you!  (904) 997-9533 or 800-321-6567.