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  These photos (below), even on the best monitors and computers, do not do justice to the actual results when seen in person. Send us a sample of your carpet or call us for an evaluation and we will respond with a proposal for dyeing, tinting or restoring the color of your carpet.

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Color Your Carpet can eliminate the ugly discolorations of the dull, drab color of your very light color carpets, back to life without taking the carpet to dark colors. Carpet discolorations on light color carpet can be neutralized and enhanced with a very small amount of neutral color, restoring even and beutiful light colors back to life. 

In the "before" photos below, extreme discoloration, stains and unsightly traffic lanes detract from the decor, making the room look unclean, old and "ugly". In this case, the customer wanted to keep the carpet a very light color but one that would not look "darker" than the original creme color. However, the new soft beige-cream color in the "after" photos brighten and beautify the rooms with the "like new" carpet look after our exclusive color restoration process.  Carpet can be walked on right away - it will be slightly damp but no color will walk off or rub off. And we always put furniture protectors under the furniture until the carpet is completely dry, usually in just a few hours. 


The drab, outdated and ugly neutral color of your carpet can be enhanced with a slight shade change in color. Or if you are happy with the original color, we can restore it to the same color as well while removing all discolorations and restoring all faded areas.

The customer's objective was to have the carpet brought to a more modern neutral color. We will provide samples or perform a demonstration by appointment. Our unique services are always priced at a substantial savings to the customer when compared to costly, unnecessary carpet replacement. 


In this case we restored the light off-white gray color carpet, which suffered from discoloration, stains, fading and unsightly heavy traffic lane areas to a new looking soft off-white cream color.

The customer's objective was to have the drab grayish and yellowy carpet brought back to the original creme beige color. Heavy traffic, sunfading and harsh cleaning clemicals caused very unsightly traffic lanes, discolorations and color loss variations throughout the house. A perfect solution for the customer instead of costly, premature carpet replacement.


We can restore the color of your carpet to the original color, beauty and appearance at a fraction of the cost of new carpet.

Whether your objective is to beautify your home for your own living comfort or if you are planning to sell your home and want to get the most value without having to purchase new carpet (or give a substantial carpet allowance to the buyers), Color Your Carpet® is the perfect solution!


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For commercial carpet owners, our commercial service provides a cost effective alternative to unnecessary or premature carpet replacement in a convenient, eco-friendly, on-site carpet dyeing service for all carpet owners and property or facility managers. To read about our process at our educational website dedicated to property managers and facility directors, start right here at:

For residential carpet owners, our home owner service provides a cost effective alternative to unnecessary or premature carpet replacement in a convenient, eco-friendly, on-site carpet dyeing service for all home owners. To read about our process as a consumer, at our educational website dedicated to consumers, start right here at:

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