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This is an excerpt from the Woman Entrepreneur Message Board. I received so many email inquiries that I decided to add the entire posting as a web page. I hope you enjoy this narrative personal overview of our unique services.

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I am the President of Color Your Carpet, Inc., a highly specialized service franchise system. Color Your Carpet®, is the ONLY on-site, full-time, 100% carpet dyeing and color restoration service in the world. I want to invite you to visit our consumer website, Color Your Carpet® Carpet Dyeing and Restoration Services.

Color Your Carpet® Carpet Dyeing Services

I invite your comments and questions about carpet dyeing, carpet selections, carpet care, carpet stains, color care, design dyeing and color restoration.

Although our unique system is technically the very BEST carpet cleaning process in the world, WE ARE NOT CARPET CLEANERS! I hate to sound gender biased, but this is one area of property maintenance (carpet cleaning) that really needs a woman at the helm - and there are none to my knowledge except me.

Well, we do provide a service, "ColorFresh" that is a premium deep clean with just a tad of dye. This is often confused with "color-cleaning" which is offered by some carpet cleaners. But since we do so much more than just the traditional "color cleaning", our ColorFresh service just can't be compared. A ColorFresh treatment doesn't change the original color of your carpet, it just freshens it.

 Yes, this is a 100% women owned enterprise and of our existing franchisees, almost half of them are women. Writing the manuals to teach men color theory was a real challenge. Men aren't color blind, they're just color ignorant!

I will tell you a few of the secrets I have compiled in my 20+ years of ongoing research and development (which is strictly applied in the academic and field training course for my franchisees and their technicians). The following information is general in nature derived from my much more detailed documented research.

<It is shocking how little is known about the real facts of carpet and carpet cleaning and the so-called carpet cleaning profession. Almost nothing exists in information about carpet dyeing and color restoration. Hopefully, even this little insight will help you to recall the pearls of wisdom your Mother or other significant females handed down to you about cleaning and preservation in general.

By applying old fashioned common sense cleaning knowledge, you may prevent needless costs of unnecessary or unsatisfactory carpet cleaning expenses and more importantly you will not have to replace carpet pre-maturely to achieve a great looking carpet day in and day out.

The frustrations of getting and keeping a clean carpet can be avoided easily if you have the right inside information. I encourage you to investigate before you invest in a carpet cleaning service or in a carpet purchase.

Did you ever wonder why a short time just after your carpet was cleaned that it is dirty again or even dirtier than before the cleaning or why stubborn stains return, or why a carpet cleaner tells you that a stain can't be removed? Have you begrudgingly learned to tolerate a stained, faded, outdated color or just plain ugly carpet because the carpet cleaning company informed you that nothing could be done to correct the problems? Have you had your carpet cleaned only to be left with "cleans stains"?

If your carpet is less than 15 to 20 years old, even though you may think it is worn, it almost always isn't worn out. Thread bare carpet is "worn". Crushed, matted dirty, discolored carpet is rarely worn out and can be restored by an expert in carpet dyeing and color restoration. Usually, the carpet fibers are in good to great condition but the overall carpet appearance is unsightly or undesirable. Believe me, carpets don't wear out- they just UGLY-OUT!

The real problem isn't the stain or dirt or your particular selection or usage of the carpet. It is a COLOR problem. And, it is the carpet cleaner's inability to correct color problems that is almost always at fault! Very few carpet cleaners are trained in color repair or carpet dyeing techniques. And, the rare carpet cleaner who claims to possess this intricate talent is not only fooling himself, but consumers as well.

In all fairness, there are only 4 individual carpet cleaners in the USA, other than our extensively trained franchisees and their technicians, whom I have met during my many years of research that are qualified and capable of some on-site carpet dyeing services that provide satisfactory results. So my advice to you, if you are considering a carpet dyeing service, is to read all of the content that I have provided on my website. Then you will be armed with the proper education to know what expect and how to assess the credentials of the carpet cleaner.

First of all, to understand why carpet cleaners don't get the carpet really "clean", you need to know a few very important facts and statistics.

There are more than 500,000 carpet cleaners that can be counted in the USA. It is a very competitive business with far too many "cut throat" sales techniques to get the customers' business. Worse yet, many of these carpet cleaners resort to all kinds of claims and side-line or add-on services just to survive economically. Sometimes that results in attempts to dye carpet or restore color to badly stained or faded carpet. There are some good, caring and competent carpet cleaners, but those carpet cleaners are rare indeed. However, a carpet cleaner is a carpet cleaner, think about it. You wouldn't take your car to a car wash to have it painted, would you? Of course not.

These well meaning small business people (carpet cleaners) simply do not have the ability nor the interest in mastering the necessary chemistry and physics of expert carpet cleaning. And, the carpet manufacturers will not help to educate the carpet cleaners. In fairness, there are a number of carpet cleaners who really believe that their respective process is the best. Suppliers to the carpet cleaners are guilty of not providing the much needed generic chemical training. The big chemical companies have cornered the market by forming "associations" for carpet cleaners to obtain "certification". It's mostly a private platform and gimmick to attract carpet cleaners to buy their chemicals, even though some of the courses are legitimate cleaning courses.

The basic problem isn't so much the socio-economic-academically challenged profile of the vast majority of the carpet cleaners, as it is the false sense of "expertise" and so-called "certification" given to them by the chemical and equipment companies that do not adequately provide support, resources and proper training.

In all fairness, the few courses that are not solely a "private platform" for selling products & equipment to the carpet cleaners, often encounter an audience consisting primarily of people who simply can't or won't absorb and retain the necessary academic information, much less incorporate it in their business.

Not to mention that I have been told directly by more than one executive at major carpet manufacturing companies that "it's not their job to help carpet cleaners to keep carpet clean!" I was also bluntly told, "We want people to buy new carpet, not to keep their existing carpet new looking." I hope this is the exception in the industry today. We have certainly helped consumers to understand the value of carpeted floor covering, the importance of proper carpet selection, how to properly care for their carpet and how to protect their carpet investment. All of this has helped the carpet manufacturers and retailers as well. An informed, product  savvy, and educated customer will always be happy and loyal.

The fact is that the only way to truly get your carpet clean is the "hot water, deep cleaning, extraction process". And, using (except in extremely dirty, high traffic areas) a high quality, low suds, neutral pH surfactant which is correctly measured, applied and then super extracted, will result in the best possible cleaning results. Residentially, it should only have to be done once every year or two- if done properly! Unless you are one of the unfortunate people who bought Berber in the last few years.(Read about Berber and why you shouldn't buy it)

The key to the right equipment for the job is strictly the technician's ability to operate it correctly using the right chemicals in the right proportion. Too little or too much or the wrong cleaning chemicals will result in residue left in the carpet or dirt that doesn't release from the carpet or worse yet, over-wetting.

And, please don't let anyone talk you into using a "power head" brush method (this untwists the fibers and causes fiber loss) or a "bonnet" system on your carpet (this "polishes" the tops of the fibers, but pushes the dirt and residue deep into the bottom of the carpet).

Caution: Don't hire a carpet cleaner that claims that he "dry cleans", it simply isn't true.

They are very successful at selling their services, but not at "cleaning" carpet. There are two types of carpet "dry cleaning" processes and they each have serious problems that no carpet owner would tolerate if the facts were known.

Type 1 is not "dry" at all. This popular method uses a dry granule substance spread onto your carpet, but then hot carbonated water and a harsh cleaning chemical is applied, scrubbed in and extracted. Some claim they use "foam". They all claim to use very little water, it is a marketing tactic, it's still "wet". And those granules or foam are extremely difficult to "pull up" out of the carpet, they get trapped in the bottom of the fibers. Since the granules are hygroscopic (collect moisture), they also breed bacteria and odors in the bottom of your carpet. As a side note, real dry cleaning chemicals, like those used by clothing dry cleaners such as acetones, are flammable and toxic. While some chemicals like that in very small quantity can be very effective and desirable for certain stains, the chemical properties used in quantity is why you wouldn't ever want that process applied on your entire carpet.

Type 2 is actually "dry". Another granule product that can be described as microscopic corn-cob like substance and again is hygroscopic (collects moisture), breeding bacteria, mildew and odors in the bottom of your carpet and is very difficult to remove from the carpet. Your carpet may also appear to have "dandruff" after vacuuming.

As far as equipment goes, believe it or not, a top quality portable machine, in the hands of a qualified operator, does a far better job than any truck-mounted unit. But, whether you choose "wet" or "dry" processes, the equipment is secondary to the proper application of pre-spotting treatments and the accurate analysis of the stains before any cleaning takes place.

The most frequent complaint that we encounter is from customers who call us, often as a last resort, explaining that the last time they had their carpet cleaned, the carpet stayed clean only a short time and the stains reappeared. They have given up on the removal of the stains, they know that the carpet is in great condition, not "worn out" and want us to dye the whole carpet to hide the flaws. Most of the time, a complete dye job isn't necessary. We simply remove the stain, color match the area treated exactly to the existing carpet color, then do a deep color-clean process which removes all of the residue and hidden dirt from the whole carpet.

Additionally, the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) continues to endorse "hot water extraction" as the best and preferred carpet cleaning mehod for residential and commercial carpet care. Visit their website at: (Carpet and Rug Institute)   Note: Do remember the CRI represents the interests of their member carpet manufacturers.        

Remember, our company is in the "carpet color care" business, but we must always correct the problems that the previous carpet cleaners caused or didn't correct before we begin any color restoration-correction or color change service.

The real problem is almost always a "color problem", not a "dirt or soil" problem. If pet stains are not treated properly, with the correct chemicals before "cleaning", the pet stains will return. Carpet cleaners, when called back to correct the reappearing stains, will claim that the carpet is clean including the pet stains, so now you have "clean stains"! Then they will tell you that the stain is "set" and cannot be removed. The truth is "they" can't remove the stains, but there are color experts who can - us!

Now, before I start sounding too much like a commercial, please know that we have a very limited number of locations, mostly scattered throughout the USA. There are presently about only 20 (even part-time) carpet dyers in the USA and all the full time ones (at this moment who serve 200+ locations in eight countries) belong to Color Your Carpet®. Open your phone book and count the number of carpet cleaners. Then count the number of carpet dyers. That's exactly why I've dedicated the majority of my resources to the field of carpet dyeing and color restoration! We can solve almost any carpet color problem, but we are not in all areas yet. Until I can find and teach enough articulate, well educated women and men who are interested in investing in this highly specialized service, I will be happy to provide consumer advice to carpet owners via email, and yes, free of charge for now.

In the meantime, I welcome any comments or questions from carpet owners. and all upscale property owners and I invite you to visit our websites for lots of inside info on carpet.

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I assure you, while this very lengthy comment to the original message board posting may leave you exasperated, there's so much more that the carpet retailers, manufacturers and carpet cleaners don't know, or won't tell you about your carpet, that I fully intend to publish and make available to the public, one way or another.

Best wishes,

Ms. Connie B. D'Imperio

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